Our Middle School Plan

I am so excited about our upcoming year! The one thing that I am most excited about is our Bible study curriculum. We will be taking one year to survey God’s Word. God’s written word to us is powerful, it’s sharper than a two-edged sword but if you don’t know where  your sword is, it is useless and you are left without power. The tool we will be using is Route 66 by Positive Action for Christ. Here is a blurb from their web site:route 66

“This study provides a basic introduction to the structure and themes of the Word of God. As students journey through this fast-moving survey, they will discover the truths and applications that God has provided in each book of the Bible. God’s gracious work is clear—from creation to the cross to the consummation of time.”

Now here is a run down of the rest of the studies I have planned out for us to glean from:

American History – Notgrass America the Beautiful

Math – Life of Fred

Spelling – Dictation it is for us! I will be looking for resources for the boys to use first as copywork then the following week that will be their dictation exercises.

Greek and Latin Roots – English from the Roots Up cards plus lesson plans that I found on the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Yahoo! Group.

Critical Thinking for 8th Grade Boy – The Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox

Writing – I am undecided at this point on the exact titles but I will be using the writing resource books from IEW that follow Teaching Writing Structure and Style.

Science – still on the fence with this one. Do you have any suggestions? I am considering going back to Exploring Creation with General Science but it’s just because I already own it. 7th Grade boy tried it last year and found it boring…Maybe if we do it together it will work better?

And because I now have three in the *dialectic level of learning I will be using Teaching the Classics to learn how to have socratic discussions about great books with my boys! Yes, I said BOYS! They will learn how to discuss and digest the material they are reading and learn the reasons behind the verbiage the authors chose. Maybe they will even learn to love great literature! They already enjoy having great literature read to them but now my hopes are that they will learn to love to read it for themselves. I cannot wait to get this started!!!

I am totally excited about this year! I have been back and forth on what we were going to do. I checked out a Tapestry of Grace group, I looked at a Biblioplan group, and I have considered more than a few times, returning to Classical Conversations. However, I have chosen to stand on my own two feet since that is where I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me.

*Do you have an arguing middle schooler? That is because he is in the dialectic path for learning! He wants to know the why’s and the how’s and the why not’s. They want to talk about things, discuss matters and try to make sense of all that is going on around him. So don’t argue with him or immediately shut him down because he questions you or your authority, talk about it with him, and give him the reasons why and why not. That is what he wants!)


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