Boys and Reading

Every day the boys have 30 minutes of “fun” reading time. They get to choose any book from our bookshelves to read. It does not matter the reading level as long as they are reading, I am happy.

Over the summer, I posted a picture on Facebook of my three boys reading in our living room. One was sprawled out on the love seat, the other two were sharing the couch. Some people commented that the picture was staged but it really was not and I replied so. They asked me how to I bribed them to read. No bribing was necessary! Although food is always a great motivator when it comes the male gender!

How to get your boys reading:

1. Let them choose a previously approved book to read.

2. Do not be concerned about the reading level of the book. Two of my boys generally select books below their reading level. The third usually picks a book above his reading level. It does NOT matter! The point here is you are trying to get them to love to read.

3. Remember if it is fun and if your boy enjoys it, he will read it!

Reading has not come easily in our homeschool. We have struggled. We have tried this program and that program and we tried that program again only to keep getting frustrated! I finally relaxed and realized that, true to most things in life, it just takes time. Just like with everything out there, everyone learns on their schedule and when they are ready.

If it is forced, it will fail.

I have found the one program that is working in our home! And I am thrilled!!! It is easy and the boys like doing it (most days that is). Reading Horizons.  They have a program for younger students as well as one for ages 10 and over – PERFECT!!! The boys can do remedial reading without cartoon characters!!!

We had been doing the lessons strictly on the dvd, which requires them to use the computer but this way it puts them in the driver’s seat and they are in-charge of their learning. The responsibility lays on them to whether they complete their lessons or not.

I also have the teacher’s manuals and the student workbooks. We are now at the stage to where I am using the teacher’s manual for review and I have also started adding in the the workbook lessons for review. In the package that I ordered, there are wall posters and flashcards. If you have a child that is 10 or over and is struggling in with reading, I highly recommend this program. I would recommend parents with younger children to look into it also. I just can’t recommend it since we haven’t used it for younger students.

Boys and reading, the two really can get along!


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3 thoughts on “Boys and Reading

  1. I love your method Summer! going to try this with my boy “)

  2. I love the idea of scheduled, fun-reading time for the kids who wouldn’t spend their free time reading.

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