A New Season

In our area, Classical Conversations is starting their 2013-2014 educational year. My family and I have been a part of CC for the past three years and it has been exactly what we needed. This past December, I started feeling a change coming. I knew it had to do with our homeschool but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I had thought about taking a more active role in CC – outside of being a full time tutor, and I had talked about joining a new community that a very dear friend was starting for the upcoming school year. However, none of it seemed “right”. Though my foot kept trying out these different paths, none of them seemed to fit.

After praying and talking to my husband and asking for counsel from friends, we decided to join my friend’s new adventure of being a Classical Conversations Foundations/Essentials Director. Our oldest son would be moving into the Challenge Program so we registered him there while registering our grammar boys for Foundations and Essentials. There was no room for my gift to tutor Essentials in the new community and if I chose to tutor Foundations, I would not have the morning to go in and sit in my son’s Challenge seminar. Which I most definitely needed to do since I would be the one teaching him at home and my Latin is sorely lacking!

Now everyone was registered and I had surrenered to the fact that I was going to be “just a mom” in the new community.

Something still wasn’t fitting.

Something still wasn’t 100% right.

Still praying, searching for that right fit!

Then a friend introduced me to Tapestry of Grace! After reading almost the entire website and many blogs about ToG, I developed a love-hate relationship with this program!!! I hated it because I LOVED it!!! But the boys were already registered. After talking with my husband some more, we decided to make the switch!

Next week will be our “official” first week with Tapestry of Grace and I am so excited to begin this new journey which is on the same path as a Christian Classical education.

So although it does feel a little strange that our friends are beginning their new CC, there is much anticipation and excitement in me about our new season!

More to come on Tapestry of Grace!

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