Just My Two Cents

Thanksgiving has passed and the Christmas season is in full swing, I can hardly believe that it will be 2012 in just a few short weeks! A dear Titus 2 Friend, once told me “the days are long but the years are short”. I have found that statement to be truth in my life. Being a homeschool family, we are together all the time and let’s face it, we can get on each other’s nerves! But let us redeem the time because the days are evil (Eph. 5) and allow the Lord to “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).

My extended family is walking a dark and lonely path. Lonely because they aren’t sure who they can trust to be confidants and to be able to talk without judgement or condemnation to be thrown into their face. Lonely because who wants to admit that their child has messed up and needs help? Lonely because they are the ones who are suppose to “have it all together”. Who has it all together? The Bible says we ALL fall short of the glory of God and are in need of mercy. Be careful not to cast that first stone, it just may turn out to be a boomerang.

In walking this path with them and helping them as best as I can, I have been taking mental notes and watching to see how things are handled, not in judgement by any means but in an attitude of “what would I do if this happened in my family”. We pray and we hope for the best but in the end, kids have their own free will and will choose their own path at some point. They are not robots and they are not putty to mold into the perfect citizen or to form into our “ideals”. You train them the best you are able and trust them into God’s hands. But as I walk this path with them I spoke to a couple of friends, you know the kind, real moms who live in the real world not the ones living in fairy tail with their hands stuck in the sand but the ones who see the evil all around us and know that in a blink of an eye everything we hold dear could be taken or destroyed. We have made a Mom-Pact with one another. We attend church together, we run in the same “circles” and we know each others kids. We made a pact with one another that we will keep our eyes open and our hearts on guard for all of our kids and if we ever see something that isn’t quite right we will go to that mom and confide her. That mom will receive that in a heart of gratitude and will not think ill of her friend or think that she is critical or judgmental. Because in walking this path with my family, it has now been stated that people close to them had seen things that concerned them FOR MONTHS but yet no one said a word. We may never know why but it is probably because they were fearful of how they might be received or perceived.

If someone comes to us out of concern for our children, we should think them not think ill of them! We tell our kids that we have eyes in the back of our head but we really don’t and we really do not know all and see all but GOD does and we have to trust Him to send people at the right time to either stop or see what our kids are doing and take the appropriate actions to prevent a tragedy.

I am so grateful that we did not experience a tragedy but it was so dangerously close, frighteningly so. If you are not in a group of good godly, trustworthy friends, find some!

Join me in making a Mom-Pact to look out for each of our children. They are the precious of the precious. Especially as they grow and start maturing more in the teenage years, they begin to think they can handle things on their own but let’s face it, there are some things NO ONE can handle on their own. This is just my two cents worth and I couldn’t go another day without encouraging you all to make friends, make a pact and stay alert.

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One thought on “Just My Two Cents

  1. akcielo

    Hi. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. 🙂 Whoohoo! Please follow the link to check it out. Hope it makes you smile. http://huayni.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/liebster-award/

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