March 3In30, Well Not Quite

So I have learned that when you take an entire month off of goal setting, it’s really easy just to keep taking time off. Here it is the middle of March and I have yet to jump on in to 3In30. My time off is over and it is time to get back at it and “get ‘er done” as they say.

Obviously, I won’t have 3 in 30 since there are only a few more weeks left of March but I will work the rest of this month on the following goals and hope it doesn’t take me any longer the remaining time of March.

1. Loose 6 pounds between now and April 1st (it’s a Friday so I’m counting it!) That will equal out to be 2 pounds per week. I don’t even want to get close to my scale right now, I haven’t been good!

2. Gather our materials and start our hydroponic garden (we learned how to use a 10 gallon aquarium as a garden).

3. Get up every morning between 6:!5 and 6:30 to have my quiet devotion time – “Coffee with God”. Life gets busy and the boys are waking earlier now and I am the type of person that needs my quiet time. I actually do prefer to wake early but it will be a challenge for me to get up this early. I’m hoping to work my way to a wake time of 5-5:30. So I’m starting out a little later than my ideal goal, hopefully, it will help my body adjust and my mind will start to shut down earlier in the evening.

There are my 3 in (roughly) 3 weeks. By taking time off, I really got a chance to see how setting goals helps me stay on track, especially with the weight loss. I am not doing Weight Watchers or any other program, so 3In30 helps me feel accountable. Thank you 3In30 team!!!

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One thought on “March 3In30, Well Not Quite

  1. Don’t worry about taking time off. You’ll catch up. Your goals are achievable. Stick with them.

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