January 3 in 30 Wrap Up

Is it really time to wrap up January? I need more time, I need to finish my 3in30!

OK, here are my January goals again (because I almost forgot them, not kidding here).

1. Loose 8lbs in January, that is 2lbs per week.
2. Be in bed by 10:30 each night.
3. Finish a book that I had previously started.

Here are Meghan’s questions for us for “closing comments”:

What is your overall reaction to this month?
Did you tackle the three goals you had listed in the beginning of the month?
What would you have done differently?

I have to say that overall I am satisfied with my accomplishments this month. Again, my biggest struggle was the new bedtime. I had no idea what all that required for me to change so that I could be in bed by 10:30 each night. I was able to make it a few times but that was out of plain exhaustion, not by me trying to meet my goal. I have less than 100 pages to go in my book and I am determined to finish that this weekend, before the actual end of January. But I must say that what surprised me the most this month was my weight loss. I’m so excited to share with you that I have lost 9.6lbs!!!!! I can hardly believe it!!!!!!! I’m so stinkin’ proud of myself!!!! I was the one growing up that everyone teased because I was sooooo skinny! My PawPaw use to call me “chicken wing” because my arms were so little. My mom use to say that I had a hollow leg and that’s where all my food went because I didn’t have an ounce of fat on me. Well, having babies changes everything. hahahaha…. So for me now to be over weight was a heavy burden for me. It changed me in ways I never thought it would. But I was determined to loss this weight. I have three active boys that I have to be able to keep up with and I’m tired of telling that I have to stop and rest while at an amusement park when all they want to do is go – go -go. I still have a ways to go but I am on my way back….

I do not yet have my February goals set but I do know 8lbs more to loose next month will be there but that’s as far as I have gotten. I made the mistake of making an unattainable goal this month and I set myself up without even realizing it. In order for me to get to bed earlier, I have to be more diligent and organized with my time; so maybe a better goal would be to clean the kitchen right after everyone is finished eating dinner instead of waiting because in order for me to sleep well, the dishes have to be done before going to bed. When I set my goals I will post them.

I want to give a special thank you to all my new friends that I have made through 3in30! It is through their encouragement and accountability that I was able to meet the goals that I have. You all really have kept me going. You are precious gems that I hope to meet live and in person one day! ♥

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4 thoughts on “January 3 in 30 Wrap Up

  1. Congrats on your weight loss!! That is so awesome! I should have put in my recap post about me losing 5lbs, but forgot! I can totally understand about the going to bed early. We, as moms have so much to do, that we definitely need to manage our time better to even think about going to bed early. I look forward to seeing what your Feb. goals are! I am also looking forward to reading more on your blog. A new follower! 🙂

    • Joy!!! Congrats on losing 5lbs – way to go….. You are right, moms are busy but we do need to schedule our days better so that we can take better care of ourselves. We are both off to a great start by losing some weight, you are inspiring me to exercise. I will post my February goals this weekend. Thanks for following! 🙂

  2. The struggle with weight is something that I think we all have whether its under or over. Good for you to for losing more than your goal. I reading this much has taken a back seat to the Bible. I’ve decided that it’s pointless to look at a book until the Bible in 90 Days challenge is over.

    • Michelle, you make a good point about not reading anything until the B90Days is over. I am behind on that one too. But I’m reading as much as I can in a day and I figure as long as I read the Bible, it really doesn’t matter if it takes me more than 90 days my first time. I do hope to read His Word in 90 days though but if not this go around the next one. This might be good for summer reading since we homeschool. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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