Seven Things Meme

OK, so this is my first ever meme! I’m not even sure what that is so I’ll google it soon. Maybe I should have done that before I agreed to participate. hmmmm… But I trust my friend Shawntele, who I have never met in person to not lead me astray. hmmmm…. Is that a recipe for disaster or what?! hahahahah……

Seven Things (Almost) Nobody Knows About Me:

So these are things that YOU should not know about it me or as my friend Shawntele says, “that would kinda creep me out”. LOL!

Here we gooooooo~~~~~~~

1. I have fraternal twin boys and my dad’s grandmother told him when he was a boy that one of his daughters would have twins. The thing is, she never lived to see my sister nor I.

2. I am a private person and do not share my feelings easily with others.

3. I am left handed.

4. My favorite color is red – fire engine red!

5. I do not like being in crowds (I tend to panic) so when we go to theme parks, etc. we go during the “off season”.

6. I am the youngest of two girls but growing up everyone thought my sister and I were twins or I was older than she was.

7. My personality is black and white. It’s either right or it’s wrong period. (Shawntele, you already knew that one!)

So there you have it. Seven random things about me that you may or may not have wanted to know.

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4 thoughts on “Seven Things Meme

  1. Love it!!! We have so much in common – and you handled your first meme perfectly! lol

  2. I can only imagine what your Dad must have thought when his Grandma’s prediction came true. Wow!

    Your second item, I can totally relate with.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Unfortunately, I’m not sure of his reaction. I’m not even sure he remembers but I did remember him telling me that as a little girl as soon as I found out! She was a full blood Native American, some say she was a Indian princess.

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