3 In 30 January – Week 2

Let’s recap my 3 In 30 goals for January.

1. Loose 8lbs in January, that is 2lbs per week.
2. Be in bed by 10:30 each night.
3. Finish a book that I had previously started.

My bedtime goal is the biggest challenge for me! I’m a night owl. I like the quietness of the night time. Everyone is asleep but me and I can read, pray, blog, whatever while everyone is sleeping. For instance, I am writing this post now, two of the boys have been taking a bath and now they are out of the tub and probably running around in their bedroom soaking wet and playing whatever they are playing in REALLY LOUD voices. But I will continue to keep my goal in front of me. At least I am going to bed earlier, instead of 12:30, 1:00a.m, it’s now usually 11:30. Progress in the right direction!

In order to finish a book that I previously started, I guess I need to actually read the book. Just kidding! I am reading but not as much as I thought I would be able to read. I am also doing the Read the Bible in 90 Day challenge so that has taken priority over any other reading I have and I (until last night, reading the Bible instead of sleeping, that’s ok right?!) was behind by two and half days! But praise be to God who always causes us to triumph, I am finally caught up and a little ahead of schedule. I started reading tomorrow’s readings today. It’s another busy weekend so I want to make sure I stay on track, it’s so hard to get back on track once you get off but God is always there to help us.

So here is the very exciting part of my 3In30 challenge – weight loss!!!! I have lost 6.1 pounds so far and it’s only week 2! Yes, I am eating, very healthily too if I might add. I am eating more fresh vegetables and fruit and lean protein with high fiber grains. It is remarkable to me how my taste buds have changed in this short of time. I use to have the biggest sweet tooth but since I’ve been off of sugar (not completely but cut weigh back), I can’t eat jelly anymore. I learned how to can in December and I made fresh blueberry jam and I tried putting some on my English Muffin the other morning and I just couldn’t take the sweetness. God is so good to me! It’s been a struggle and juggling act trying to balance nutrition with the calorie intake I’m allowed but He is helping me and showing me as I ask Him.

On a side note, if anyone is wanting a great, easy way of tracking your calories check out My Fitness Pal. It even has some restaurants in there search engine also so you can easily track your caloric intake when eating out. It’s been a great blessing to me and without it, I probably would not be counting my calories and loosing the weight I am loosing.

Overall, I say that I am overcoming and doing well. If I accomplish nothing else but staying on track with my Bible in 90 Days reading and my weight loss, I would say that I have succeeded but I keep pressing forward to obtain that great prize!

Onward and Upward we go! It’s not too late to join in!

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3 thoughts on “3 In 30 January – Week 2

  1. You know, I think weight loss is one of the most serious goals because it doesn’t just take an hour or a day to achieve. It takes constant dedication. Kudos to you!

    I’m just coming around from 3 in 30 to say hello.

  2. that is awesome with the weight loss! I am at a standstill right now! ARGGG… I gotta be more careful with my calories and go back to writing everythign down! It is how I do best!!!!

    yes, opening the book helps but of course reading your bible takes priority!!!

    great job on working on your goals!

  3. Your are doing a fab job – and how cool is the weight loss! Reading the Bible is the most important though, I am really proud of you, we will do it!

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