January 1, 2011

It seems so strange to type “2011”.  Where did 2010 wander off?  2010 seemed to last forever and now that it has past, I wonder where it went.

I am starting to require more of  myself than I have before.  What does God require?  Does He require the same amount of energy and effort as your friends, spouse, etc. ?  I am learning that He does not.  In some situations, He requires more of us and expects more from us but then in other situations, His expectancy is far less than what others might require.  It’s in the stillness that I hear His voice.  It is there that He requires less.  He only requires for me to be – to be still and know that He is God.  It is there where we receive wisdom and direction.  Then after we have received wisdom and direction, He requires more.  He requires far more than what others expect of us.  Others require far less than what we are capable of doing.  I have grown discontent with my life and it’s no ones fault but my own.  I have required less of myself than what God has required because what others expect from me was far less than what He placed within me.

I plan on being more, expecting more and doing more.  To help me step it up, I have found the 3 in 30, Making Goals a Reality 3 At A time. We each set 3 personal goals every 30 days (basically, once a month).  This will help to make it more manageable and more attainable and this is exactly what I need since I have never set a goal for myself before, well not like this anyway.

So here it goes:

1.  Be in Bed by 10:30 every night.

This will allow me to be able to get up earlier to have devotions and prayer time in the morning before the rest of  the crew wakes up.

2.  Loose 2lbs. per Week – 8lbs. A Month

To obtain this goal, I will have to change my eating habits and do regular cardio exercise 6 days a week.

3.  Finish One Book

I have so many books on my bookshelves that I have started but have yet to finish.  I will finish one book by the end of January.

So, there you have it – my 3 in 30.

My hope is that discontentment will lessen and my self confidence will increase as I see myself meeting goals, 3 at a time.

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7 thoughts on “January 1, 2011

  1. terijohnson

    I saw your tweet and followed the link here; I’m doing the 3 in 30 too!! It feels GREAT to get ’em written down, doesn’t it?!?! I agree what you said about “require” – in God’s eyes, we are ALL unique and special. We need to focus on what WE are called to DO and BE – NOT compare ourselves to others. I’ve found that when I compare and try to measure up with that others are up to, I become content. It’s best for ME to focus on my audience of ONE!! {GOD}

    Thanks for sharing your goals!!

    Keeping it Personal,

    • Hi Teri, thanks for the comment and yes! It feels great to get them written down. I hate being content, it’s too much like boredom. 🙂


  2. I struggle with getting to bed… it’s not so much the getting TO bed at a decent time as much as it is falling asleep soon after I get there! I haven’t set a time for myself to get up yet (I think that’ll be in my February goals), but it’s definitely an area needing work in my life!

    So glad you’re joining us for the 3 in 30 Challenge!!

    • That’s part of my struggle too, shutting my brain off so I can actually fall asleep. 🙂 I’m going to try reading before bed time, maybe start at 9:30 or 10. If that doesn’t work then soft worship music playing through my iPhone might help. Oh and no caffeine past 4:00p.m. Let me know how you do!

      • I got an iPhone a few months ago and downloaded the Kindle app, but I’d never actually read any books on it until last night. I went to bed when my husband did (around 9:30), but sleep was still a ways off, so I decided to try out the Kindle app… a few hours later (around 11:30) I was definitely tired and fell asleep right away. It was a great way to keep my brain occupied while my body got ready for sleep!

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